Bringing the World Home: An International Property Convention

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Looking for the market value and elegance of one's investment in the home acquisition is no easy feat.

Crown Asia invites you to our Investment Webinar: International Property Convention. As we testify and show you what it truly takes to consider your next dream home investment elegant or premium worthy. We bring you our expertise to an international stage as we enumerate the standards and criteria on how to consider your next dream home the right investment for you.

On September 18 (09:40 PM Manila) we invite you to join us in an exclusive webinar with our guest speaker, Ms. Sheila Lobien, Chief Executive Officer of Lobien Realty Group, and Mr. Mario Santos, Managing Director at Vista Land International Marketing Inc. to learn more about the following essential topics:

-Mid Year 2021: PH Real Estate Trends and Outlook
-Building a Business with Real Estate
-Crown Asia Premium Properties

Once you've decided on your investment home and experienced seeing the beauty of the world around the comfort of your dream home. You will surely reminisce the best of the world in a neighborhood that will remind you every day of those priceless travels.

Bringing the World Home.

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Date & Time
September 18, 2021
Start - 9:00 PM
September 19, 2021
End - 1:00 AM Asia/Manila


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